Greenpeace: The Inside Story

Greenpeace: The Inside Story recounts the definitive history of the world's most renowned ecology action group. Beginning in the 1960s, the story follows our small cadre of peace activists, as we set out to start an "ecology movement." Inspired by Gandhi, the Quakers, Rachel Carson, and Marshall McLuhan, we sailed a boat into a nuclear test zone, then blockaded Russian and Japanese whalers, capturing our exploits in images that flashed across world media. We helped change public perceptions about nature, launched the modern environmental movement, and grew into a global force with millions of members in 50 nations. Along the way, we loved and fought with each other and experienced the price of success and fame.

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"A rousing tale of the buccaneers and idealists who conspired to save the world by bringing democracy to the high seas."
              -- Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

"An epic story, and highly readable."
              -- The New Statesman

"A masterpiece."
              -- Robert Hunter

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Blood of the Land: The Government and Corporate War Against First Nations

The story of the most expansive geographical invasion and cultural extermination of all time: the occupation of the Americas by Europeans. Blood of the Land is also a record of the resistance to that occupation, which continues to this day, as indigenous power re-emerges from Canada to Chile. The book follows the rise of the American Indian Movement and the suppression, incarceration, and murder of native leaders such as Anna Mae Aquash and Leonard Peltier.

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"The story of continuing cultural genocide, an all-American holocaust against people whose title and sacred relation to valuable land challenges both profits and American exploitation. A shocking story, and very well told."
            -- Kirkus Reviews

"A powerful reminder that we can only ignore environmental, social justice, and spiritual issues at our -- and the Earth's -- peril."
            --  Goodreads

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The Jesus Sayings: The Quest for His Authentic Message

Who was the historical Yeshua, and how did his story become the "Jesus" of a Roman Church? Yeshua, a Jewish sage, influenced by diverse 1st century philosophies, encouraged followers to "find the light inside," and to "share it with the world." He did not refer to himself as a deity or "messiah," did not demand "faith," and did not threaten others with eternal hell if they failed to believe in him. Roman patriarchs devised those doctrines of obedience and punishment as part of emperor Constantine's state religion, 300 years after the life of Yeshua. How did the Prince of Peace, become associated with religious violence, the inquisition, the burning of women healers, modern pedophilia scandals, and other atrocities of church history? How did the honoured Magdalene become a "fallen woman?" This book examines the research of international Bible scholars and some 200 ancient sources, including the recently discovered Gospels of Thomas and Mary to recreate the historical life of Yeshua, the Magdalene, and their followers.

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"Rex Weyler liberates the historical Jesus. He speaks truth to power in this solid and exciting re-telling of the diversity, politics, and mythology behind the origins of Christianity. There is integrity and trustworthiness in this work and in this author. Read this book." 
            -- Matthew Fox, author of One River Many Wells and Original Blessing.

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To Save A Whale

Rex Weyler's photographs of the early Greenpeace whale voyages, 1975-77, with text by Robert Hunter. The photographs show the ships, crew, and confrontations with Russian whaling fleets on the high seas.

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Chop Wood, Carry Water

A guide to finding spiritual fulfillment in everyday life, showing how work, learning, family, healing, technology, social action, and all aspects of life can serve as paths of spritual development. The book draws on teachings, wisdom, advice, hints, and inspiration from both ancient and modern teachers; from Buddha and Hildegard of Bingen, to Gandhi and Rachel Carson. Weyler is a co-author with Rick Fields, Peggy Taylor, and Rick Ingrasci.